Mapping - Waterfront Development & Commercial Land Development in Vallejo, CA & Mare Island, CA

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Our mapping tool allows you to see city demographic variables for Vallejo, CA & Mare Island, CA. We use GIS data to analyze growing and/or expanding markets the greater Vallejo, CA area. Vallejo & Mare Island are constantly undergoing waterfront development, business development, commercial land development, & commercial real estate development. Use our easy mapping tool to start visioning your business development project in Vallejo, CA or Mare Island, CA!


The Economic Development Division delivers comprehensive resources and tailored support to existing and new partners seeking to engage Vallejo as members of our community.

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Vallejo sits on the North Rim of the Bay Area and is the Gateway to the Napa Valley wine country. With Ferry service to San Francisco, Vallejo is the ideal hub city in which to work, live and play.

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Vallejo offers an array of investment and development opportunities for seed and growth stage enterprises. Our city can suit startup needs as well as those looking for an opportunity to expand operations.

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